Graduate Student Master's Thesis Committees                            



  • Williams, Kelly. (fall 2015/spring 2016). Consumers' Uses of Nutrient Content Claims and their Relationship with Health Orientation and Media Exposure and Attention. Status: Defended & Graduated.

  • Betts, Chelsea. (fall 2015/spring 2016). Media Framing of News Coverage of Same-sex Marriage Surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court Legalization Decision. Status: Defended & Graduated.

  • Buchman, Eva. (fall 2013/spring 2014).  User-generated Content and Television News (An examination of television newsroom policies regarding the use of user- generated content through a survey of news directors). Status: Defended & Graduated.

  • Duvall, Kevin. (fall 2013/spring 2014).  Active Consumerism: Measuring the Importance of Crowdfunding Factors on Backers’ Decisions to Financially Support Kickstarter Campaigns. Status: Defended & Graduated.

  • Wan, Anan.  (fall 2012/spring 2013). How Do They Think Differently?: A Social Media Advertising Attitude Survey on Chinese Students in China and Chinese Students in America. Status:  Defended & Graduated.

  • Kowalska, Magdalena. (fall 2012/spring 2013).  Brand Interaction on Facebook Fan Pages: An Exploratory Analysis of Popular Television Shows’ Engagement with FansStatus:  Defended & Graduated.

  • Brown, Bayley. (April 2012).  Disaster Preparations and Relief: An Examination of the Partnership Between the American National Red Cross and Ham Radio OperatorsStatus:  Defended & Graduated.


Committee Member

  • Matsko, Margaret (fall 2012/spring 2013). Stealing Thunder in Crisis Management: The Moderating Effects of Forewarning and Brand AttachmentStatus:  Defended & Graduated.

  • Mundel, Juan (fall 2012/spring 2013). The Effects of Currency and Imports Restrictions on Luxury Advertising in Argentina: A Content Analysis of Ads in Argentine Fashion MagazinesStatus:  Defended & Graduated.

  • Cavender, Nick (fall 2012/spring 2013). Sports Journalism and Twitter (Working title).  Status: Inactive.

  • Wishon, Kristen. (April 2012). Agenda Building in Health Communication: How the CDC is Using Traditional and Social Media Tactics in Public RelationsStatus:  Defended & Graduated. 

  • Davis, Rachel. (April 2011). The Use of Contestation and Social Norms in Developing Radicalized Discourses Online. Status:  Defended & Graduated.